Gear Ratings

What is a "rating"?

A rating is the Hoofer Mountaineering Clubs tool for measuring competencies for gear check out and trip attendance. Without proper ratings, you cannot check out gear from the HMC gear locker.

How do I get rated?

Ratings are typically quiz and skill based. You will be asked a number of questions and be asked to demonstrate certain skills. To get rated, come to a HMC meeting on Thursdays at 7:00 pm or contact a gear manager!

What if I don't have the skills to pass?

Don't worry! You can gain the skills and knowledge through clinics, educational sessions, and trips offered by the club. If you are not finding the support you need, contact us and we can help you further!

What else can I do with my rating?

At times, a trip may require a rating in order to attend. This ensures that participant skills are honed enough for the terrain and level of other participants. If no rating is required, the trip is open to all.

1 Ratings Flow Chart
Rating Prerequisites Rating Assessment Content Gear Allowed
No Rating None None Shoes, helmet, and other gear under guidance of a club leader
Top Rope None Proper harness use, belaying, tying-in, and lowering Harness, belay device
Bouldering None Pad placement, spotting Boulder pads
Basic Ice Top Rope Parts of ice tools, crampon use, risk Ice tools, crampons
General Lead Top Rope Rappelling with a backup, clipping, cleaning bolted anchor, rope management, lead belaying, risk Rope, personal anchor
Anchor Top Rope SERENE concepts, active/passive gear placements, equalization Active/passive protection, cord/webbing, climbing ropes, carabiners, slings, personal anchor
Trad Lead General Lead, Anchor Direction of pull, extension of pieces, top belaying, risk Alpine draws
Portaledge Practice Trad Lead TBD Portaledge for practice
Portaledge Trad Lead TBD Portaledge