Red Rocks

Over Spring Break, a group of Hoofers all made the long trek out to Red Rocks National Park. Most people flew, while a few unfortunate souls decided to joy ride out there and inadvertently volunteer to bring the gear. I was one of those unfortunate souls; well I guess it is only “unfortunate” depending on how you look at it.

Photo of all of us before we became friends. From left to right: Vicky Alber, Maddie Fontaine, Me, Sandra Kinzer.








After meeting the rest of the group, we set out for Denver: our first stop of the road trip, to meet up with Maddie’s friend for breakfast. After Breakfast we set out for Durango to meet up with another of Maddie’s friends for dinner. Against the reluctance of the group we set out that night for Nevada. After a quick photo-opt in a creepy small town, we stopped for the night in the parking lot of a gas station to catch some z’s.

Possible movie poster for an indie horror film.






We set out early the next morning for Nevada and arrived to our campsite at about 1 in the afternoon. Upon arrival we realized that it was too late to try fitting any climbing in and just hung out until everyone else joined us. I decided to go for a run in the desert carrying only my camelbak, but quickly regretted this after looking like a lobster after an hour of being exposed to the elements. Unfortunately there are no pictures of me as a crustacean, as I avoided the sun following that. That night I left the campground to pick up my brother from the airport, unfortunately that also meant waiting in the car for about 2 hours when his luggage was delayed.

From Left to Right: Tom Compass (whom tagged along on one of our daily expeditions), Me, Vicky Alber, Mitchel Beres (my brother)







The next 5 days were filled with the best climbing I’ve ever had, and to top it all off I saw a Gila monster! The weather was beautiful and stayed at a toasty 70+°F all day. Needless to say the trip back home sucked after being relatively cut off from civilization and being forced back into the routine of school work.

Mitch teaching me how to use a brake-line backup as well as simul-rappel.








It is hard to believe that before the trip Sandra, Maddie, Vicky, and I were all strangers and after only a week of climbing and being stuck in an outback cluttered with Maddie’s clothes literally everywhere, they are some of my closest friends. Hands down the highlight of the trip (besides the phenomenal climbing everyday) was when everyone ravaged the buffet table at one of the casinos.

Everyone living large in the Venetian







-Tyler Beres